Determine the future of your nation

First Nations are one of the fastest growing populations in Canada. Having an organization that is competent and well functioning is critical to the economic and social prosperity of your community.

To become self sufficient and control the future of your organization and the community you support you need to be proactive instead of reactive. You need to be able to drive solutions that will lead everyone to the shared purpose of self governance.

Employee engagement, effective crisis management and having a solid strategic plan all play a significant part in achieving the change required to the transform your organization into a high performance operation that not only achieves but surpasses planned results.

At Raven Strategic Consulting we give Aboriginal leaders the tools they need to successfully confront the number of difficult challenges that establishing governance capacity involves.

We provide processes that:

  • Align your employees, stakeholders and organizational leaders towards a shared strategic direction.
  •  Build capacity and create a high performance team through leadership development.
  • Develop and implement a change management process that sustains momentum for continued success into the future.

We believe all people and nations have a right to self determination. For 30 years, Raven Strategic has helped Aboriginal organizations and communities envision and shape their own future. As a trusted advisor to dozens of First Nations communities and organizations across Canada, Raven can help you bring your vision to light.

Define the direction of your future.

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“The planning you did with our managers was instrumental in helping them to create solid plans to achieve our Nation’s vision and priorities. The seminars that you have conducted with our staff have been thought provoking and have helped us grow as persons and to develop the motivation required to accomplish the goals that we set.”

Chief George Wapachee, Cree Nation of Nemaska