About Us

Organizations do not transform themselves. Transformation of an organization or team requires a strategic, systematic, disciplined approach led by dedicated leadership that is accountable for results.

For over 30 years, Raven Strategic Consulting has collaborated with forward thinking leaders and organizations to proactively plan for the future and create powerful and dynamic strategies to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be – their desired future.

We help leaders:

  • Create innovative strategies to create breakthrough results
  • Create a shared, power vision for the future
  • Establish measurable targets to track progress towards the desired future.
  • Identify the critical few priorities to focus on to move forward.
  • Successfully implement plans to achieve desired results.
  • Keep plans on track and make improvements so that results are actually achieved.
  • Develop increased capacity to think strategically and implement effectively.

“Over the last 3 years our organization achieved 100% of its results! Raven Strategic Consulting worked with us to bring our organization to a higher level of performance and results through a system wide focus that included planning, implementation support, measuring progress and reporting. This is a system that works and Raven Strategic Consulting excels at what they do! The investment has continued to pay dividends since year one.”  ~Bud Morris, CEO, Kahawake Economic Development Commission (more testimonials)

Our Mission

To work collaboratively with forward thinking leaders to bring about significant results by providing them with innovative processes.

Our Approach

The complexity of organizations today demands a “systems-wide perspective” to solving today’s dilemmas and planning for the future, and introducing the changes needed to put new approaches in place.

Future Focused versus Past Oriented

Our Future Focused planning process engages your team in anticipating what is likely to change so that you can proactively plan for the future you want to create, as well as develop and successfully implement operational plans to get there.

Results Based versus Activity Based 

With activity based planning you have no way of measuring progress towards your desired future. In our planning process we assist you to establish Key Success Measures and Key Performance Indicators with specific targets over the time span of your plan, which allows you to make continuous improvements as needed. “If you can’t measure it”, you can’t control it. Measuring is the first step to taking control.

Alignment From Top to Bottom

It is essential for your organization to be aligned horizontally as well as vertically versus operating in silos. Our planning system results in alignment from top to bottom.

Systematic Implementation

Everything that Raven does starts with your desired future results and creates a road map of action to get there. Our implementation support services measure your progress toward your goals and dynamically adjusts your plan as you go forward.

Organizational Processes, Systems and Culture

An organization must put in place and/or update the internal processes and systems needed to achieve wanted results.  Additionally, it must ensure that it has an organizational culture (the way things get done in the workplace) that supports its plan.

If you are looking for processes and systems that will get you to your desired future, call us (416) 487-5300 today for a free consultation