Our Values

At Raven Strategic Consulting we believe in:

  • Participation – Everyone’s wisdom, no matter what their role in the organization, should be used in the planning process. when developing plans that involve an entire organization.
  • Consensus – consensus that points to agreement that is “larger” than any one individual in the group – moving toward a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Inclusion – Everyone’s ideas are equally important and we must ensure that all members of the organization hear each other and are heard throughout the process.
  • Learning from Experience. This includes building on past and current strengths and successes as well as learning from outcomes that did not produce the results that were wanted.
  • Possibilities -  to move forward, that the future is open, and that all possibilities must be considered in the early stages to ensure we are thinking comprehensively and that no ideas are thrown out too soon.
  • Collaboration with our clients. Our approach involves combining your knowledge of your industry and situation (content) with our experience in organizational turn around or deficit recovery and forward planning (process) and working together with you as a collaborative team.
  • Capacity Building. We are committed to is to solving today’s problems and develoingp the internal organizational capacity of the organization in order to operate independent of us to its achieve goals.
  • Trust and Respect – for all things and all people.