The process you designed and facilitated with us has helped us work together more effectively as a team. The structured process helped us think together about the future of the organization and to share and exchange our individual objectives. Through the process, we learned more about our organization and our synergy has increased.

Albert W. Diamond, President, Air Creebec Inc.

“Raven Strategic Consulting has worked with us to bring our organization to a higher level of performance and results through a system wide focus that included planning, implementation support, measuring progress and reporting. This is a system that works and Raven Strategic Consulting excels at what they do. The investment has continued to pay dividends since year one. While we still have a long return journey to being a self-sufficient Mohawk community, we are more confident than ever about getting there.”

John Bud Morris, CEO, Tewatohnhi’saktha – Kahnawake Economic Development Commission

“Raven is an exceptional company that has provided services to my community that exceed our expectation for many years. The services included organization and planning of community workshops that involved consultation with community members and developing community resource people to facilitate workshops.”

Chief Paul Gull, Cree First Nation of Waswanipi 

“Sara Lee Household & Body Care Canada contracted Marcelene to guide our leadership team in a year long alignment process, “Breakthrough 2002, to ensure excellent coordination and execution of our annual operating plan. Their tools, skills and the process have helped us create focused priorities, higher levels of teamwork and confidence in our collective ability to create the successful future we want. Our ability to integrate and implement our plans is significantly improved over previous years and has had direct impact on our results.”

John Holland, General Manager, Sara Lee Household & Body Care Canada

Wow, I can’t say enough just how pleased I was with the way in which the planning session brought out exciting new ideas, sorted out and gave clarity to old perspectives and gave our SiS team momentum.  You did an amazing job with a very diverse, large group and at times challenging group … hat’s off to, you for a very exciting and successful day!

Cindy Adams, Executive Director Scientists in School 


“Your facilitation of the strategic planning process made a difference. The commitment to create positive change and a self-sufficient organization exists. The organization has a road for the next five years that will provide much needed direction.”

E. Kiyaywsew, Former Executive Director, Wawatay Native Communication Society

“Your team proved that the impossible is possible. As you know there was an over abundance of skepticism about the “realigning project”, however, it turned out to be extremely successful. We are ahead of our implementation schedule by 6 months because key stakeholders were engaged and committed to the plan.”

Peter Buddo, former Vice President, Ericsson Canada Inc.

“The Teamwork Training programs that you designed and facilitated for us gave our Band Council Committees the opportunity to increase their effectiveness. They learned to work together to create a mission statement and set values. They learned how to plan more effective meetings, how to plan for results, and manage their time more effectively. Your programs are interesting and informative; they were lively and involved all participants.”

Arleen George, Human Resources Manager, Whapmagoostui First Nation

“Marcelene conducted Public Speaking and Meeting Management Leadership skills training sessions with Alcohol and Drug Abuse workers. Each of the participants learned a great deal from these two sessions that enhanced the professional skills of the NNADAP workers.”

J. Quensel, NADDAP, Cree Board of Health & Social Services of James Bay

“Throughout the Management Training sessions for managers, you not only demonstrated an incredible degree of professionalism, conscientiousness and flexibility, but a true commitment to our staff and their learning. The feedback from our participants has been very positive. The content and materials that you delivered, your caring nature and commitment certainly paved the way to meeting this objective.”

Lorene Di Leo, Training and Development Manager, Sun Media Corp.

“Your fun-tastic Training workshop has taken each participant to a higher level of understanding of what these skills can do for them in their personal lives and career. Participants have reported successes in applying their new skills. The workshop was catalytically interactive. I was particularly impressed with your special skills as a master facilitator, teacher, and instructor.

Mike Landry, Manager, Organization Effectiveness & Learning, Merck Frosst Canada

“The Open Space meeting that you facilitated were well received by the community members, and people departed from the meetings enthusiastic and determined to move ahead.  I am very appreciative of the work that you did with the champions to implement the Open Space objectives.”

Edward Georgekish, Social Development Coordinator, First Nation of Wemindji

“We had a serious customer service problem when we contracted Marcelene to work with us. She researched and identified where the problem lay and developed a training program to address the weaknesses. The result of Marcelene’s training was excellent and customer complaints dropped by fifty percent within one month. Her “after sales service” demonstrated her long-term commitment to our company, checking on performance and seeking feedback. She developed another program to launch a new product that helped this new product become the most successful new product launch in our history. Marcelene developed another program delivered to our sales force across the country and lead to increased sales and dramatically reduced errors. Her contributions lead to increase profits, sales force loyalty and greater confidence in our company from our distribution network.”

Hugh Astley, Vice President, Alsteel Canada 

“I have found you to be a contributing factor to the attainment of the objectives of our Customer Service Improvement program. Your professionalism and abilities to easily interact with employees at all levels created the necessary atmosphere for a real change process to begin to take place at VIA.”

Jay Smith, Director, VIA Rail Canada

“During the time Marcelene worked as a design consultant and facilitator, she demonstrated a high level of commitment to the project and her willingness to participate in all aspects of its evolution have left their mark.”

Moira Law, Manager, Customer Service Training, VIA Rail Canada

“Thanks to your excellent program the confidence of my staff has increased along with their communication skills and their professionalism. I particularly appreciate that you tailored the program to assure that my company’s needs were met. Through your guidance and follow-up materials, you provided me with skills to help my employees make the most value from the training. The program has created a commitment to succeed.

Adelle Stone, President, Machanik & Stone Public Relations Inc.

“The Management Training Needs Assessment represented for us an exhaustive review of the education and development needs of our middle management group. The results provided the basis for our current program.”

Melissa Sonberg, Education & Development, Royal Victoria Hospital

“The results of the one day Performance Appraisal Training that you conducted for us have been tremendous. It enabled our engineers to produce a very communicative and thorough document; a task well merited. You provided our logical thinkers with a concrete tool.”

Rosa Glaso, Human Resources Officer, CBC, CBC Engineering

“Marcelene is a self-motivated individual with a great deal of energy and a hard worker, She has outstanding inter-personal skills and her personality and capabilities are ideal for interactions type of professional work. She is an intelligent and mature individual and an excellent team player.”

Constantin Temcheff, Director Organization and Human Resources Practice, KPMG

“Marcelene tailored a program for the unique and special needs of our staff. I have found her to be extremely capable in the area of delivery skills, enthusiasm rarely seen and quite capable of capturing and retaining the attention of participants. She

J-L. Bernardin, Manager, Human Resources, Deliotte Haskins + Sells 

“Your professional demeanor and thorough preparedness added considerable value to your delivery of the “Leading Customer Focus” program for our Customer Service Centre managers. Many thanks for your diligent attention to detail and your ability to meet shifting priorities and short time frames.”

W.D. McKenna, Manager, Instructional Development, CNR

“The work that you did for us was invaluable. Your approach, depth of knowledge and pleasantly probing manner was a great benefit to us in our quest to properly identify our training and development needs. The training programs that you personally conducted were extremely well delivered and we received numerous favourable comments. As usual, your “classroom diplomacy” remains unsurpassed.”

Peter Buddo, Minet Professional Services

“Marcelene first proved her usefulness in the needs analysis and recommendation of appropriate training material for a course teaching basic supervisory skills. She conducted a three-day training program for our supervisors over several years. Her excellent presentation skills, enthusiasm, knowledge of material and sensitivity to her participants has resulted in unanimous praise of the program and Marcelene’s competence as an instructor. I feel fortunate to have a resource like Marcelene to work with us.”

Marilyn MacLean, Management Development Officer, CNR

“I have utilized the expertise of Marcelene on many occasions to design and deliver a broad range of professional and organizational development programs in the areas of time management, coaching, performance planning and review, interpersonal communication skills, supervisory skills, and participative management. Marcelene knows how to create a positive climate that is favourable to allow persons to change and develop new skills, which they have taken back to their work environment. She is a dynamic, personable consultant dedicated to ensuring clients gain maximum value from every interaction.”

Roslyn Slawner, Partner, Hart Resource Development 

“Feedback from participants has been excellent in all cases from the financial and pre-retirement sessions conducted for a cross-section of employees.”

Melissa Sonberg, Human Resources, Royal Victoria Hospital

“I would like to add my vote of thanks to you and your team in developing and presenting the Safety Partner Program. We have received many glowing reports about the program and its impact.”

D.R. Holfeld, Director, Operations Training, CNR

“I was able to be a part of the 3 day Safety Partner Program. I have truly been enlightened and wish to say without reservation that it quite simply “works. What I learned helped me to create a desire in others to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.”

Wesley Bridge, Engineer, Safety Partner, CNR

“The Safety Partner program helped to change the traditional railway culture from one of confrontation and mistrust to one of ‘open honest communications, teamwork and feedback.’ Participants said this was one of the best courses that they had ever attended.”

D.R. Steele, Rules and Training, CNR

“The true test of any training program comes a few weeks later…are some of the ideas and methods being used? We are proud to say that our team still enthused and that the practices taught are being utilized in our day-to-day business.”

Jeffery Zarb, Customer Relations Manager, Toyota Canada Inc.

“I am writing to thank you for the fine contribution on the Women at Work day through your Career Change workshop: How to do it. You did an excellent job. Here is what some of the participants said: a dynamic leader; well structured presentation; sensitized me to the need for change and how to start the process.”

Ruth Selwyn, Director, Management Centre for Women, YWCA

“I am hearing feedback on the practical experience built into the courses helped enormously in creating a more comfortable atmosphere for conducting performance appraisals. Our next step will be to offer all employees the opportunity to improve their performance appraisal experience.”

Jill Veal, Novartis (Patheon)