Strategic Management

Strategic management offers far more than only strategic planning. It is an integrated approach essential for bringing about results:

Planning + Implementation + Change + Leadership

Planning produces a proactive roadmap for the direction of an organization. Our 4 level planning starts with the organizational plan, which is cascaded to each department to develop a business plan aligned with it. Based on their 3-year departmental plans, departmental teams create their annual plans. Employees then set objectives and create work plans for the coming year for their delegated priorities from the departmental 3-year plans as well as and their job description key areas of their job description.

The resulting 4 level integrated planning aligns the organizational team from board of directors and senior management to front line leaders and employees.


No matter how good a strategic plan is, unless it is systematically implemented and consistently monitored, it will not achieve the intended results. Too often plans suffer from SPOTS – Strategic Plan On Top Shelf. At Raven we believe the only good plan is one that is implemented.

Research and years of experience have identified Best Implementation Practices:

  •  Orient all staff on Best Implementation Practices
  •  Hold Implementation Leadership Launch Event
    • Hold All-Staff Meeting to Communicate the organizational Plan and Annual Priorities
    • Create a Scorecard to display Results/Progress
  •  Implement Employee Results – Time Planning (Self-Leadership)
  •  Implement Supervisory – Employee One-on-One Check Ins
  •  Report on Work Plan Progress at Monthly Meetings
  •  Hold Quarterly Results Reporting Sessions
  • Update the Plan Annually to keep it current

A high performance organization has the capacity to achieve results day to day and over the long term.  Call us today at (416) 487-5300 to get your organization performing the way it should.